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Heavy Back log at Airport, due to Peak Season, WY, EY & EK only accepting Perishable and EXPRESS rate cargo for the movement. General Cargo is taking 6 to 7 days minimum transit for EUROPE. Air Lines are not giving any commitment for ETA under normal rates.

Mostly Airlines are closing the flights-3-4 days prior of flight departure date. We need to give the booking in one-week advance to Airline for secure the space / booking confirmation.


Import: –

  • Sea Import Movement is normal.

Export: –

  • Sea Export Movement is normal.


Still Chennai AirPort is facing the PEAK SEASON issue, Airport Operation is having very pathetic situation. AIR PORT ramp no space to off load the cargo, minimum 10 to 12 Hrs once Truck reached at Air Port to get offload. Also, ICEGATE system is little bit improved compare to last week, shipping bill numbers are generating within 1-2 days time, All the Air Line have increased their pricing because of this current QR issue, they are accepting more cargo on EXRESS MODE. space is too tight in Chennai, and all Europe carriers are giving preference only on Express rates cargo and increased their rates even though they are not able to give confirm schedule. Due to BRU – HUB huge back log we have requested QR to route our France shipment via LUX/LGG.EY don’t have space for Paris sector’s till next week from AUH TO CDG.


  • Port Operation is normal,


Export: – Calcutta Sea Port is facing lot of problem berthing and Sailing by Feeder vessel since last 2 weeks, all feeder vessels are getting delayed by one-week minimum from the ETD given earlier.


  • Airport Operation is under Normal now.


Berthing Congestion:

1. Average Berthing Delay (waiting time at Outer as of now)

NCT – 08~10 days ↑ (Though CPA shifting vessel from NCT to GCB for to reduce NCT vessel’s waiting time
CCT – 12~13 days
GCB – 06~08 days

* Average 08~10 days waiting time at Outer anchorage // Post Holiday + Heavy torrential rain
+Heavy bunch upon of GL vsls.

* CY congestion still badly reeling from under capacitated CY + limited Berth occupancy facility + inadequate logistics. CCT And NCT TM performance deteriorating further. Heavy monsoon downpour and Post-holiday CY congestion (view 36 hrs port closure). CCT 2 TM under QGC decommissioned for indefinite time view vsl collision and caused dismounting the crane from the track.
* Till yesterday, there are 21 (Twenty-One) container vessel are waiting in the queue/anchorage (12 Deep Draft vessel + 3 GCB draft vessel + 6 Gearless vessel), as on date, CPA accommodated 09 (Nine) Container vessel (GCB-4, CCT-1, NCT-4-) against 12 Container quota/berth.

* Chittagong port operation suspension for 36Hrs due to EID closure made chain affect for the down line vessel’s performance/productivity.

Port Update:

Loading and unloading of cargo has remained suspended at the outer anchorage of the Chittagong seaport due to incessant rain triggered by the influence of the monsoon. As many as 35 vessels along with bulk cargoes were waiting at the outer anchorage in the deep sea at Kutubdia while one vessel laden with wheat was waiting in the port jetty until rain stopped, sources said.

Giving a delivery picture of containerized cargo during the EID vacation, the CPA spokesperson said the port delivered 353 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) of containers on June 25, 588 TEUs on June 27, 713 TEUs on June 28, 1948 TEUs on June 29, 1980 TEUs on June 30 and 1431 TEUs on July 01, which are against the benchmark 3000 teus apprx / day in normal situation.

CPA has decided to let importers take delivery of 37 ICD/depots delivery items from CY to decongest CY as depots are unable to take delivery for higher turn time of trailers, bad weather and CY congestion post EID. This one-off facility will valid till 15th of Sep,’ 17. 600 + units of direct deliverables cargoes lying at CY as of now!

CPA is preparing to auction out deserted bankrupt Hanjin’s 438 units at CHT, possibly from 3rd week of this month.

Forced MTY evacuation:

Forced MTY Evacuation: Having been run down by CY MTY capacity and depots are exhausted totally by space to take in MTYs, CPA decided to Force out MTYs from CY on any FAV, SIN discharge regardless of selectivity. A great challenge for MLOs as 70% of ttl IB turns MTY at CY, which in turn moved to depots to cater export. The other option is imposing 4 times penal rent if the former fails. This predicament eroding MLOs competitiveness in terms of asset utilization and also vulnerable to increased cost, as no rate agreement established for random evacuation on any feeder line.

For safety measure, we are providing separate container list (MTY turn) TM wise to CPA in advance to prevent random MTY evacuation from CY, especially 40’HC, to cater export demand.

As our portion of MTYs in CY is very lean, we are applying in fast track to Port Authority to spare APL units from Forced evacuation and also, we assigned our vendor at CY to monitor and remain standby to gauge the situation round the clock. However, APL’s MTY units at CY affected by random measure. See below.

Productivity (BMPH):

– GCB: 10 to 12 boxes/ PH (ship Gear)
– CCT: 20 to 22 boxes /PH (QGC)
– NCT: 08 to 10 boxes /PH (ship gear)

CY Yard Congestion:

Overall 101% of total Yard space is occupied with both laden (IB) and MTY lying at port CY as on 04/07.

* NCT is highly congested.

Port Equipment’s Issue:

Every vessel /feeder operators are facing insufficient / rundown Port Handling equipment which is a big challenge for vessel /feeder operator to load both export laden and MTYs and removal of Import laden from yard. No sign of functional deployment & support yet. Port logistics support is crippled.

Depot/ Trucking Issue:

Depots are highly crammed with increased Inbound Ladens + Out bound Laden stuffing. MTY removal from port CY (70% of MTY turn from IB vol unstuffed at Port CY ) is severely slow to cater export feed at depots/ off docks and at the same time in turn CY storent will increase. A vicious cycle is set in view congestion and it has spread over all the facilities.

Bad weather impact :

  • Torrential rain with water logging across the city, flash flood and land slide (remote hilly areas) occasional.

Dhaka Airport Situation

  • Due to Chittagong Port Congestion air cargo flow is increasing day by day at DAC Airport.


  • ICD LONI: Pendency of 3-4 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
  • ICD FARIDABAD: Currently Rail movement is normal 2-3 days
  • CFS PATPARGANJ [PPG]: Currently Rail movement pendency from Patparganj to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra via Loni are 3-4 days min
  • ICD DADRI: Pendency of 3-4 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
  • ICD: TUGHLAKABAD (TKD): Pendency of 2-3 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port (Transit time from Tughlakabad to Mundra 3 – 4 days)



FCL- containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments.
LCL shipments taking 5-6 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking.

2. FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 10-12 days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI and 8-9 days to rail out for import shipments to GARHI HARSU [GDL].
3. FROM PIPAVAV – Containers are taking 8- 9 days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI


1. Delhi Airport is experiencing the peak season and most of the Airlines are having heavy backlog and accepting booking well in advance with delayed transit. We are keeping a very close track with all our shipments to get booking ASAP.



FCL- Containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments.
Shipments taking 5-7 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking.

2. FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 10-12 days to rail out for import shipments to KANPUR


– JNPT : Slow moving traffic to port terminal due to congestion and import movement
– NSICT : Slow moving traffic to port terminal due to congestion and import movement
– GTI : Slow moving traffic to port terminal due to congestion and import movement
– GT-NSICT: Slow moving traffic to port terminal due to congestion and import movement


  • Mumbai Air Port: Normal but Air cargo terminal due to Cargo backlog and space issue with the airlines for all sector.


As informed PSC SICCAL – TERMINAL Operation going Normal now, all Feeder vessels are sailing timely. EVERGREEN/ CMA-CGM – Mother vessels are available this week.

NOTE: Kindly note that Govt of India has implemented New Tax System called GST in India from 1st July 2017.
So many changes and new rules are created for Export and Import from/for India.
In case any Exporters taking benefits from local Authorities / Govt, need to register themselves with local GST Dept and need to take one Certificate in case they are taking Cenvat and other tax benefits or not.
In case Exporters, not able to provide this certificate, their shipment will hold with customs on final stage.
Most of the exporters are involved and taking benefits from customs so we expected their shipments can be hold.
In case any Exporters not taking benefits from local Authorities / Govt, shipments can be plan without any hassle.

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Neeraj Kumar J
Senior Executive –Ocean Import/Export Operations