• Heavy Back log at Airport, due to Peak Season WY, EY & EK only accepting Perishable and Express rate cargo for the movement. QR has canceled their 2 Freighter’s Generally Cargo is taking 6 to 7 days minimum transit for EUROPE. Air Lines are not giving any commitment for ETA under normal rates.
  • Mostly Airlines are closing the flights-3-4 days prior flight departing date.
    We need to give the booking in one-week advance to Airline to secure the space / booking confirmation.


  • Sea Export / Import Movement is under Normal now.


  • Still Chennai AirPort is facing the PEAK SEASON issue, Airport Operation is very pathetic situation at AIR PORT. Some air Lines are accepting any shipment today under Express rates if we are request for immediate flight, and all Europe carriers are giving preference only on Express rates cargo and increased their rates even though they are not able to give confirm schedule. QR (16.08.2017) freighter has been cancelled, so we are expecting more rush at Chennai Air Port, all other carriers are giving priority only Express cargo, also all the Air Lines are increased their rates in August 2017 onwards. EY next onward space available for PARIS only on 17th August 2017 out of AUH-CDG.


  • All Cochin Port planned container for this week vessel, moving to Colombo to connect the same vessel.


Export: – Calcutta Sea Port is facing lot of problem berthing and Sailing by Feeder vessel since last week, all feeder vessels are getting delayed by one-week minimum from the ETD given earlier.


  • Airport Operation is under Normal now.


  • Chittagong Sea Port Situation

Berthing Congestion:

1. Average Berthing Delay (waiting time at Outer as of now) _

  • NCT – 06~08 days ↑
  • CCT – 05- 07 days ↓, if bunched arrival of gearless vessels. * Only 02 QGC functional out of 04
  • GCB – 06~07 days ↑, surge of High draft vessels reducing the overall waiting time at GCB for geared vsls with 8.5 m draft

Average 07~08 days waiting time at Outer anchorage // Bunch up of High draft vsls + one Gantry Berth out of commission + More Import Vol.

2. CY congestion still badly reeling from under capacitated CY + limited Berth occupancy facility + inadequate logistics + infrastructural problem of the Chittagong port .

CCT And NCT TM performance deteriorating further.

CCT 2:- Ship had rammed into a jetty and caused extensive damage to two gantry cranes. Experts from the Japanese supplier of the cranes have already arrived and repair of the facilities would reportedly take a few weeks.

To ease up/reduce berthing congestion under gantry crane and as well as CPA now pressing all FDR operator to reduce GEARLESS vessel’s quantity.

GEARLESS vessel replacing by concern operator with GEARED vessel which may add more pressure/increase waiting time for GCB/NCT berthing vessel.

3. As on 09/08, there are 20 (Twenty) container vessel are waiting in the queue/anchorage (8 Deep Draft vessel + 10 GCB draft vessel + 2 Gearless vessel), as on date, CPA accommodated 9 (Nine) Container vessel (GCB-4, CCT-1, NCT-4) against 12 Container quota/berth.

4. Several Key impediments identified that cause disruption of supply chains in the Chittagong Port:

  1. mismatch between handling capacity and growing demand,
  2. customs-related clearance complexities,
  3. lack of contingency plan for rush season like festive time and monsoon,
  4. poor road connectivity,
  5. time gap between shifting break (labour/equipment operator),
  6. forced sailing ,
  7. importers’ delay in emptying the containers,
  8. limited night sailing,
  9. lack of coordination among port-service-providing agencies

Port Update:

  • The port authorities have taken some emergency measures to ease the existing congestion at the port effective 19th/July. The measures include maintaining the berthing time and serial of ships during unloading of cargoes, introducing a special shift during launch time and 24-hour unloading of cargos from the berthing ships.
  • CPA presently strictly following the berth stay time for geared vessel not more than 72Hrs & 48Hrs berth stay for CCT GEARLESS vessel, FDR operator and terminal whatever able to load and then have to cut and run causing this week all sailing vessel having huge SHUT OUT of the LDN cargo.
  • CPA official stop allowing for GATE ENTRY for export container against any individual sailing vessel 3 to 6 Hrs prior vessel sailing/outward pilot time.

Forced MTY evacuation:

The CPA has also fully restricted empty shipment from the Off Dock while continuing force shipment of empty containers from the Port Yard for smooth unloading of cargoes.

Forced MTY Evacuation: CPA decided to Force out MTYs from CY on any FAV, SIN/PKL discharge regardless of selectivity. A great challenge for MLOs as 70% of ttl IB turns MTY at CY, which in turn moved to depots to cater export. The other option is imposing 4 times penal rent if the former fails. This predicament eroding MLOs competitiveness in terms of asset utilization and also vulnerable to increased cost, as no rate agreement established for random evacuation on any feeder line.

As our portion of MTYs in CY is very lean, we are applying in fast track to Port Authority to spare APL units from Forced evacuation and also we assigned our vendor at CY to monitor and remain standby to gauge the situation round the clock. However, APL’s MTY units at CY affected by random measure.

Productivity (BMPH):

  • CCT – Under Gantry berths 19-23 moves per hour (MPH)./ (QGC)
  • NCT – Vessels having crane at DEEP draft berth 09-11 MPH./ (ship gear)
  • GCB – Vessels having crane at shallow berth 10-12 MPH./ (ship Gear)

CY Yard Congestion:

112% of total Yard space is occupied with both laden (IB) & overall 97% filled at port CY as on 08/08.

FCL (DRY) 22485 21538 90%
FCL (Reefer) 1620 1595 98%
LCL 1000 117 12%
ICD DHK (LOAD) 1752 80 5%
FCL Import LYING PORT FOR OFF-DOCK Movement 0 6690
IMPORT (Load):- 26,857 30,079 112%
EXPORT (Load) 4000 352 9%
EMPTY 5500 4757 86%
SUB-TOTAL:- 9500 5109 54%
Grand TOTAL:- 36,357 35,188 97%

NCT is highly congested.

Port Equipment’s Issue:

  • Every vessel /feeder operators are facing insufficient / rundown Port Handling equipment which is a big challenge for vessel /feeder operator to load both export laden and MTYs and removal of Import laden from yard.
  • Three rubber-tyred gantry crane (RTG) has already arrived at the port and five units of forklifts would arrive by mid-August. The process of procuring 11 more RTG, four straddle carriers, five
  • container movers and a rail-mounted RMG remain underway. A tender has also been floated to procure six ships to shore the gantry cranes.

Current Port Equipment Statistics & Necessity:

Equipment Current Requires
Gantry cranes 4 26
Rubber tyred gantry cranes 23 52
Empty handlers 19 39
Tractor trailers 43 130
Container loading and unloading eqUPT 87 299

Depot/ Trucking Issue:

  • Depots are highly crammed with increased Inbound Ladens + Out bound Laden stuffing. MTY removal from port CY (70% of MTY turn from IB vol unstuffed at Port CY ) is severely slow to cater export feed at depots/ off docks and at the same time in turn CY storent will increase. A vicious cycle is set in view congestion and it has spread over all the facilities.

Bad weather impact :

  • Last 7 days weather condition was partly cloudy & light rain observed. Rain with thunder­storms forecasted in coming wks

Dhaka Airport Situation

There is still huge backlog going at DAC airport & the pressure seems to be more due to upcoming Eid holidays.

Due to this all carriers have increased their rates & they remain over booked for next 4/5 days.


  • ICD LONI: Pendency of 4-5 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
  • ICD FARIDABAD: Currently Rail movement is normal 2-3 days
  • CFS PATPARGANJ [PPG]: Currently Rail movement pendency from Patparganj to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra via Loni are 3-4 days min
  • ICD DADRI: Pendency of 3-4 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
  • ICD: TUGHLAKABAD (TKD): Pendency of 2-3 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port (Transit time from Tughlakabad to Mundra 3 – 4 days)



  • FCL- containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments.
  • LCL shipments taking 5-6 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking.

2. FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 10-12 days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI and 8-9 days to rail out for import shipments to GARHI HARSU [GDL].

3. FROM PIPAVAV – Containers are taking 8- 9 days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI


Airport Situation à

1. Delhi Airport is experiencing the peak season and most of the Airlines are having heavy backlog and accepting booking well in advance with delayed transit. We are keeping a very close track with all our shipments to get booking ASAP.



  • FCL- Containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments.
  • LCL shipments taking 5-7 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking.

2. FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 10-12 days to rail out for import shipments to KANPUR


– JNPT: Normal.
– NSICT: Slow Moving for Export, due to Import discharges.
– GTI: Slow Moving for Export
– NSIGT: Slow Moving for Export
– Due to National Holiday Port will be moving slow for movement and empty yards will be closed for Pick-up from Monday Night 1200 hrs till Wednesday Morning 4.00 am


  • Mumbai Air Port: Normal but Air cargo terminal due to Cargo backlog and space issue with the airlines for all sector.


  • Due to last week (FRIDAY)Tuticorin Port Crane break down, all Friday & Saturday Feeder vessels has been delayed by one day. As informed PSC SICCAL – TERMINAL Operation going Normal now, all Feeder vessels are sailing timely. EVERGREEN/ CMA-CGM – Mother vessels are available this week.

Note: This is to inform that due o Holiday in India on 12th 13th 14th & 15th on account of 2nd Saturday, Sunday, Krishna Jaynti, and Independence day, we are expecting more rush in this week at all the ports in India.