• Heavy Back log at Airport, due to Peak Season WY, EY & EK are only accepting Perishable and Express rate cargo for the movement.
  • Generally Cargo is taking 6 to 7 days minimum transit for Europe. Most of the Air Lines are not giving any commitment for ETA under normal rates.
  • Mostly Airlines are closing their flights 3 or 4 days prior flight departure date so need to give the booking to Airline one-week advance in order to secure the space / booking confirmation.
  • Jet Airways has started their direct service with 5 flights weekly from Bangalore to /Amsterdam w.e.f 29th October 2017.


  • Sea Export
    • Sea Export Movement under Normal, vessel are sailing timely..
  • Sea Import
    • Sea Import having little congestion at Port to move out the container, it takes 2 to 3 days’ time to move the container to CFS.
  • AIR
    • Chennai AirPort is facing the peak season issue
    • Airport Operation is in very pathetic situation
    • Air India is accepting booking for Europe only for small shipment, above 500 KG shipment space is available only 2 to 3 days later after booking the shipment
    • Air Mauritius – Not accepting any big booking for Europe


    All Cochin Port under Normal


  • Sea Port
  • Export
    • Calcutta Sea Port is facing lots of problem in regards of berthing and sailing by feeder vessel.
    • Since last 2-3 weeks, all feeder vessel are getting delayed by one week minimum from the given ETD.
  • Air Port
    • All the Air Lines are going full and most of the airlines are accepting booking under express rates for immediate connection, if give advance booking space they are accepting the shipment under normal mode rates, W.E.F. 1ST Nov, 2017 rate also increased by all carrier.


    • ICD LONI : Pendency of 4-5 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
    • ICD FARIDABAD : Currently Rail movement is normal 2-3 days
    • CFS PATPARGANJ [PPG] : Currently Rail movement pendency from Patparganj to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra via Loni are 3-4 days min
    • ICD DADRI : Pendency of 3-4 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port
    • ICD: TUGHLAKABAD (TKD): Pendency of 2-3 days for railing to Nhava Sheva / Mumbai and Mundra Port (Transit time from Tughlakabad to Mundra 3 – 4 days)
    • FCL- containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments.
    • LCL shipments taking 9-10 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking.
    • FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 10-12 days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI and 8-9 days to rail out for import shipments to GARHI HARSU [GDL].
    • FROM PIPAVAV – Containers are taking 15- 9  days to rail out for import shipments to TKD DELHI
  • AIR
    Airport Situation

    • Most of the Airlines having heavy backlog and accepting booking well in advance with in delayed transit.
    • General Cargo is taking 5 to 6 days minimum transit for Europe/US.
    • Air Lines are not giving any commitment for ETA under General Air Rates.
    • Mostly Airlines are closing the flights-3-4 day’s prior flight departing date.


    • FCL- Containers taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments
    • LCL shipments taking 9-10 days to rail out for import shipments after reworking
    • FROM MUNDRA: Containers are taking 4-5 days to rail out for import shipments to KANPUR


  • SEA
    • JNPT   : Slow moving traffic
    • NSICT : Slow moving traffic
    • GTI     : Slow moving traffic
    • NSIGT : Slow moving traffic
  • AIR
    • Mumbai Air Port: Heavy Backlog with all Airlines, due to which Airlines are taking minimum 2 to 3 days to release carting for clearance.


  • Ahmedabad – Air  – Normal


    Port situation under Normal.  All feeder vessels are sailing timely.

Chittagong Sea Port Situation

  • Current Situation:
    • There are 15 container vessels are waiting at the anchorage, Chittagong Port can accommodate 10 Container vessels at a time and berth is allocated on FIFO basis.
    • Current waiting time at outer anchorage has gone up to 4-5 days for Gearless Vessels from last week’s 2-3 days, 4-6 days for deep draught & 4-5 days shallow draught vessels.
    • Long queue of Gearless vessel is due to ongoing repair work on two gantry cranes
    • As per verbal instruction by Chittagong Port Authority, any vessels, with move count (export & import) less than 1200 box (equivalent to 1800 TEU) must sail by 48 hours regardless of completion of export loading.
    • Import Yard is over utilized with 119% utilization against capacity.
    • Number of empties laying at Port yard has been reduced significantly. In week 45 Maersk Line has evacuated 4199TEU.
  • Import Backlog in Colombo, Tanjung Pelepas & Singapore:
    • 2100 TEU laden backlog in Colombo for Chittagong (coming down from 2850 TEUS last week).
    • Expecting backlog to continue until end of November.
    • 900 TEU backlog in Tanjung Pelepas & Singapore
    • Additional space negotiation is under discussion with Shipping line & feeder operators to clear the backlog
  • Future outlook:
    With no major public holidays and adverse weather forecast for the rest of the year expect port situation to gradually improve.


  • Airport Situation update
    DAKHA Airport is still facing backlog issue & mostly airlines are closing the flights-5-7 day’s prior flight departing date!!

Sri Lanka : –

Sea Port Situation

  • Sea Exports
    • Exports has comparatively increased due to the seasonal occasion.
    • Rates of shipping Lines  varies time to time
  • Sea Imports
    Imports to Colombo has increased due to the seasonal occasion & main transit port for so many Lines.
  • Air Situations
    Due to the seasonal occasion, there is a space issue from Colombo Airport.

Nepal : –

  • Sea Port Situation
    • Shipments to Nepal routing thru Kolkata Sea Port India. There is currently a lot of congestion at transhipment ports leading into Kolkata, India.
    • The rail and road movements are also congested and there is a delay in dispatch of the containers. The FCL movement to Nepal can happen via rail or road till the border and then by road till destination.
    • Please get approximately 30 days free time at destination for the movement to and from to Kolkata.
  • Air Situations
    • Situation is Normal
    • There is an international airport TIA at Kathmandu.
    • The following Max Dimensions in inches are acceptable 125 x 88 x 64 (in) & any cargo with higher dimensions will have to move till Kolkata via air and they move from there to Nepal via road.

Best Regards
Amrit Pal Singh
Regional Manager – Operations (North & West India)