Client Challenge

Our client, a leading French apparel brand, was looking for a logistics specialist to handle the transportation of a significant proportion of garments manufactured to support the needs of its central purchasing department in France. The latter itself serves some 1,000 shops in 70 different countries. “What mattered most to us was to find a proactive and reliable provider that could deliver a flexible service that suited the needs of our Group, which has yearly sales of 30 million pieces of garments. Besides, the financial soundness of the selected provider was of utmost importance to be able to incur customs charges on our behalf, which account for some 40% of the value of the consignments.”

The Velogic Approach

After initially sourcing a significant volume of its products from Mauritius, our client decided to relocate its imports to Northern Africa, South-East Asia, China, India and Bangladesh. Anticipating and adapting to the trend, we had already set up office in the Indian Subcontinent, which is a growing source location for apparels. Our client hence continued to benefit from our solid business relationship with our offices in Mumbai and Delhi in India taking over the logistics activities for the collection and shipment of garments manufactured in the region. Depending on the needs, air or sea transportation was arranged to ensure timely delivery to the ports of Le Havre, Marseilles and Dunkirk or to the Paris Charles de Gaulle and Lyons Saint Exupery airports. The Velogic teams on location then took charge of customs clearance, destuffing and sorting as well as repackaging the garments, placing them on hangers and warehousing them if required. We later arranged for the restuffing and forwarding by road to the client’s storage facilities in the Paris and Provence regions.


The Velogic solution has brought our client genuine flexibility in managing its production and delivery flows. Through the combination of our expertise and network capabilities, we have provided our client with the confidence that its shipments are properly processed and reach their various destinations in perfect condition and in timely fashion. Ultimately, our client enjoys enhanced operational control and efficiency.


  • Our client enjoys a competitive advantage by leveraging an integrated end-to-end supply chain to allow sizeable efficiency gains.
  • Our client gets the additional guarantee of reliability, track record and capabilities required to ensure that customs and other relevant procedures are dealt with efficiently and swiftly.
  • To effectively meet our client’s complex and specific transport challenges, we have been acting for years as a reliable logistics partner across different countries and channels rather than just a mere freight forwarding supplier.