Let us do the driving

Posted by Neerish Chooramun

Client Challenge

When one of our clients, involved in car dealership contacted us about a shipment to Reunion Island, we assumed that it would be for spare parts – but in this case, it was a BMW M8 – the premium aspiration of the BMW luxury class.

For this time, the client requested us to ship this car to one of its clients in Reunion.

The transport of this legendary vehicle showcased our expertise in ensuring a proper packing, with our team handling the shipment from start to finish.

Project Details

The shipment, a BMW M8, the new two-door which offers a Porsche 911 performance with the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class is 4843mm long with a wheelbase of 2822mm, 1902mm wide and 1341mm tall.

The project involved arranging for the securing of the super-luxury car in a 20 feet container, with appropriate spacing and consigning it to the end-buyer by ocean freight to Reunion Island.

The Velogic Approach

The Velogic team arranged and coordinated the collection of the car from the dealership  as well as arranged the container loading safely and efficiently. Once we had arranged the export customs and documentation, the shipment was finally ready to depart.

It arrived in Port Reunion, overseen by our partners in Reunion Island, to the satisfaction of the end customer who can now drive this automotive marvel on roads.


  • Our client was provided with a stress-free solution to cost-effectively move the car by freight.
  • Our client was provided confidence that they will be treated with the utmost care and protection at every step of the journey.

Let us do the driving for you when it comes to your vehicle from one country to the other.