Further to its Communiqué dated 13 October 2021, the Board of Velogic Holding Company Limited (the “Company” or “VHCL”) wishes to inform its shareholders and the public in general that, pursuant to the Offer for Sale of the ordinary shares held by Amethis Africa Finance Ltd (“Amethis”) in VHCL as set out in the Prospectus published by the Company on 06 October 2021, the Company has received subscriptions for 17,688,541 shares at the introductory price of MUR25.00 per share for a total amount of MUR 442,213,525.

The public is further informed that on the first day of trading, 1,000 ordinary shares of the Company will be made available for trading at a price of MUR25.00 per share on the Development and Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. The calendar of events as communicated on 13 October 2021 remains unchanged and as follows:

First day of trading

15 December 2021

Execution of offer for sale transactions on ATS

15 December 2021

Settlement of offer for sale transactions through CDS

20 December 2021

The Board wishes to thank the incoming investors for their trust in the Company.

By order of the Board
Sharon Ah Lin
Company Secretary
14 December 2021

This Communiqué is issued pursuant to DEM Rule 21 and the Securities Act 2005. The board of directors of the Company accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this Communiqué.