March 16, 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement for a second national lockdown last week, the logistics industry and all related businesses involved in the movement, storage and flow of goods have been since then heavily affected by the containment measures.

However, in such unprecedented times, Velogic continues to play an important role in supporting the Mauritian Supply Chain and as we closely monitor the situation, please find below the latest updates which we deem worth sharing:

Container Depot Operations’ Schedule
The two main container depots are henceforth operating within limited schedules and as such, the new operating hours are as follows:
ACS : Monday to Friday 07h00 a.m till 05h30 p.m; Saturday 7.00am till Noon .
MFD : Monday to Friday 07h30 am till 03h00 p.m; Closed on Saturday .

FOM – CFS Operations Hours
Based on the restrictions announced by the MRA, the operational hours for the CFS Import Warehouse will be as follows:
Weekdays : 08h00 a.m till 02h30 p.m
Saturdays: 08h00 am till 11h00 a.m

Certificates of Origin
The processing of Certificate of Origins – AGOA, GSP, COMESA and VISA are henceforth being carried out on Mondays Only. Exporters are therefore advised to take necessary precautions so that deadlines are respected for their approval of certificates.
The official communiqué is accessible by clicking here.
On another note, it has been shared with our team that representations have been made near the Trade Division of the Ministry of Commerce so as to avail of a daily service.

Express Courier Deliveries
In compliance with law enforcement measures that have been put in place across the red zone areas, that is Curepipe, Midlands, Vacoas, Phoenix, La Caverne and Floréal, deliveries and pickups are not being handled in these regions.

Demurrage and Port Storage Charges
While the port operations are being maintained, there has been no formal communiqué pertaining to waiving off or exemptions to demurrage and port storage charges. Importers are therefore advised to ensure that the returns of empty units is completed within the free time allowed in view of avoiding unwarranted surcharges

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this update.