We wish to bring to the awareness of all economic operators that last week, the Mauritius Revenue Authority issued a correspondence to all Freight Forwarding Agents notifying about the implementation of Regulation 19 of the Customs Regulations 1989.

Same implies that henceforth, referring to Regulations 19 (7) (I) & 19 (9) (b) (iv) of the Customs Regulations (click here to read the MRA correspondence), all economic operators will have to provide a written authorisation for proceeding with Bill of Entries, per consignment. For this purpose, a form (click here to download) has been devised by the MRA Customs for acknowledging the authorisations – for both inbound and outbound cargo.

These regulatory changes remain independent of our control.

As your trusted logistics partner, we have re-engineered our processes in view of catering for this regulation implementation.

Likewise, instead of proceeding with the manual filling of the MRA devised form for each of your consignment, our team will be issuing pre-filled forms in soft copies, with both the shipments’ and import’s/exporter’s details. The pre-filled form will be instantly sent via email for authorisation.

We shall thereafter rely on your collaboration in ensuring that the signed and/or stamped form is returned to our operations team for us to be able to comply with the regulations, as required by the MRA.

We thank you for your understanding and do rest assured of our continued service.