1. We cannot commit ourselves on any specific time frame due to shipping/flight departures and arrivals being beyond our control.
  2. Velogic Ltd does not guarantee departure/arrival times and declines responsibility if your goods do not leave/arrive as scheduled.


The transactions set out herein, as well as any other transaction related thereto, shall be subject to the Standard Trading Conditions ( STC ) of the Association des Transitaires de l’Ile Maurice (APT) dated 20-03-2010, as same may be amended, without notice, from time to time. A copy of the said STC is available upon request and may be downloaded from our website:


Pandemic Update:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and associated containment measures remain a fluid situation entirely outside of our control. Velogic will continue to take all reasonable measures to mitigate impact to our customers’ shipments. Nevertheless, certain service disruptions and/or delays may be unavoidable, for which Velogic will not be liable and which may result in unforeseen extra costs or charges on the customer’s account. Velogic specifically reserves any and all rights to use alternative conveyances and routes and to accomplish carriage and delivery at any alternative place in the event of disruption. Please note that otherwise agreed customer schedules and rates may be subject to change and/or temporary surcharges may be applicable, subject to prior customer notice as circumstances may permit. To assist in mitigating any adverse impact and in recognition of restricted capacity under these unprecedented circumstances, Velogic suggests all customers make their bookings with additional advance notice and that customers allow extra time for customs formalities, clearance and deliveries.”
  • Velogic Ltd does not guarantee departure/arrival times /delivery deadlines to final customer and declines responsibility if your goods do not leave/arrive/delivered as scheduled.
  • We also encourage payment by bank transfer to reduce physical contact.
  • Furthermore, physical access to our premises is under strict sanitary control – kindly call your respective contact at Velogic to arrange any physical access to our office and note that wearing of mask is compulsory.