A unique blend of people, resources and services:this is Velogic India in essence. In this land of immense opportunities, the freight and logistics provider has secured a strong presence in only five years and aims at being part of the great change that is taking place in the country.

With a GDP expected to be at 9 % this year, and the seventh largest foreign exchange reserves in the world, India has turned into the second fastest growing economy in the world and is bound to become an engine of global growth. The advent of economic reforms in 1991 has set a new pace of growth for India, accelerating progress across sectors and expanding into new areas. Exports have peaked at $189 billion in 2008-2009. This trend was obviously of much interest to Velogic, which offers air and ocean freight services for import and export,customs brokerage services, as well as transportation and warehouse services.

“We provide our customers with the most comprehensive logistics solutions in the industry”, highlights Nawaz Gobindram, Regional Manager of Velogic for the Indian Subcontinent. “We work closely with our partners to customize their global supply chain with improved transit times,  cost efficient service and complete customer satisfaction”. Velogic is present in India since 2006.  It was then initially set up as a joint venture of Rogers and another local company, with two offices; one in Delhi and one in Mumbai, totalling a staff of 10 persons. By then, the customer base was mainly textile-oriented and the main market was France.

In 2009 Velogic India was set up as a 100 % owned Rogers enterprise. Ever since, it has experimented a steady growth in staff from 10 to 30 employees and now has 5 agencies in the country. It has diversified its products as well as its customer base to include automotive, pharmaceutical and electronic goods. During the last two years Velogic India has acquired extensive experience across many vertical markets.

At present, Velogic India is concentrating most of its efforts on the African trade lane. “We believe that trade between India and Africa will grow tremendously and being a Mauritian MNC we have an edge with the expertise we got”, emphasizes Nawaz Gobindram. India is the strategic place to be and Velogic has perfectly understood this challenge. In only five years, it has consolidated its presence in five strategic Indian cities and enlarged its customer base.