12 August 2015


Dear Member,

Ban on Plastic Bags

The Environment Protection (Banning of Plastic Bags) Regulations 2015, published in the Government Notice No. 153 of 2015 on 6 August provides for the banning of plastic bags to be effective as from 1st January 2016.

The ban concerns the import, manufacture, sale and supply of plastic bags.

A list of exempted plastic bags can be found as follows: –

1. a transparent roll-on bag solely used to contain fresh, chilled or frozen seafood, meat, poultry or offal other than canned food or eggs;
2. a bag designed for the disposal of waste;
3. a bag designed for agricultural purposes;
4. a bag used for the purpose of sampling or analysis;
5. a bag that constitutes, or forms an integral part of, the packaging in which goods are sealed prior to sale on the local market or for export;
6. a transparent pocket type bag not exceeding 300 square centimeters in size
7. a transparent re-sealable bag with security tamper used by a passenger to contain liquids, aerosols or gels at an airport or on board of an aircraft or carried by a transfer passenger;
8. a bag carried by a passenger disembarking from an aircraft or a ship for the purpose of carrying personal belongings; and
9. a bag manufactured for export.

Companies manufacturing or importing exempted plastic bags as per the above at the commencement of these regulations are required, no later than 31 October 2015, to be registered as a manufacturer or an importer of exempted plastic bags.

A copy of the Government Notice No. 153 of 2015 on the ban can be downloaded here.

Yours faithfully,