April 01, 2020

As the Covid-19 outbreak evolves, our people in our various offices work closely with customers, local governments and other partner organisations to keep cargo moving.

Below is a summary of the effects being experienced in all the territories we are present, including some affected power trade lanes we operate:


Though the port is operational, the shift is being maintained between 07h00 a.m until 09h00 p.m from Monday to Saturday and from 07h00 a.m to 03h00 p.m on Sundays and public holidays. As a result of this reduced window, and workforce, we have been notified that some vessels are already omitting their calls at Port Louis. Our operations team is monitoring the situation and should you be having any shipment onboard, you will be kept updated.

With most flights being suspended, our UPS Express operations in Mauritius are being able to only customs clear and deliver health-related products which landed prior to the flight cancellations.

Our team is also working on the potential airlift of pharmaceutical, sanitary and medical orders from China. Should you have any specific request, we invite you to call our office on +230 206 1000 or send an email to [email protected] .


As airfreight space allocation gets scarcer, the freight rates continue to rise. Our team in France has even observed that ground-handling companies have started implementing a special fee as “Special Continuity Charge” – around Euro 20 per MAWB. Velogic France is endeavouring in finding suitable space for customers and monitoring airlifting.

Orly airport has been reported to be close and the few remaining traffic has now been switched to Charles de Gaulle. All other airports and seaports remain operational but with limited resources.


Though the Government has lifted the ban on the transport of goods, the actual movement has not started yet. We expect same to resume in the days to come and we shall be updating customers in forthcoming announcements.


With the dusk to dawn curfew enforced by the Kenyan Authorities, transport movements is being restricted and trucks are being required to stop at a safe place before 19h00 daily, prior to starting their journey again at dawn.

Airfreight shipments are experiencing delays due to limited flights while freighter operations are not predictable as they transit routes depend on space being filled on specific legs.


Despite the reduced workforce, our sea freight team is still being able to clear and deliver to consignees, which are still open, more specifically for commodities like foodstuff, medical equipment and paramedical supplies. Our consolidation service from Marseille is being maintained and both essential and non-essential (non-medical) are being accepted.

With the limited flights, it is getting very difficult to secure space for airfreight – even for essential and critical commodities and as it is, only those types of products are being accepted onboard.

As far as our UPS Express operations are concerned, the next consol is not expected before this Saturday and most of our staff are presently working from home – while delivery and pick is still possible though.


Our operations are running with a skeleton staff and offices are opened until midday. We have noted minor delays on vessel arrivals, but the impact is not major so far.

Further, with the regional flight suspensions, UPS Express volumes are no more being received in Madagascar, even though the number of shipments already decreased from various origins. Export services for express shipments is being maintained onboard the Air France weekly flight.


Dhaka airport, Chittagong seaport as well as customs authorities remain operational – but with a reduced efficiency due to limited staff working.

Supplementary Information

  • New Zealand: While the country is in total lockdown for a period of 1 month, our agent is operational, i.e. office staff are working from home and can still manage any enquiries. Sea shipments can still be handled.
  • United Arab Emirates: UAE has intensified the contingency measures in the country to control the COVID-19 spread. This means that only workers on essential activities can attend their workplaces in person. The activities considered essential are linked to health service, pharma, food and related sectors.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.