April 02, 2020

As the world enters the fourth month following the Covid-19 outbreak, global logistics continues to be heavily impacted, resulting in a ripple effect on everything from raw material suppliers to end consumers. Echoing IATA President’s words, “The air transport industry is in its deepest crisis ever”. 

Based on this situation, ever since Europe became the epicentre of the Coronavirus spread, our collaborators and network of agents have been ensuring that supply chains are fully supported to the best they can.

While we are taking additional measures to ensure safety of our employees, customers and partners, below are the latest updates on our network’s capabilities:


The Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd has issued a communiqué today pertaining to the accrual of storage charges for import containers during the prevailing lockdown period. The highlight has been set on the refund possibility regarding the storage charges accrued during the lockdown, subject to specific conditions. We recommend that traders familiarise themselves with the set conditions.

Our team is also working on the potential airlift of pharmaceutical, sanitary and medical orders from China. Should you have any specific request, we invite you to call our office on +230 206 1000 or send an email to [email protected] .


While all operations are being done at a slower pace in France, our team is supporting many customers with the import of Personal Protection Equipment from China and Bangladesh.


While the government had issued a circular to allow movement of essential/non-essential goods to ease the congestion on ports and the cargo flow within the country, the shortage of drivers and trucks is now a major impediment in ensuring those movements. It has been reported that Chennai Airport authorities have notified airlines to avoid the import of non-essential cargo due to space restrictions inside the airport, given much of the existing cargo is yet to be cleared and released to consignees.


Kenya Ports Authority has reduced workforce to two shifts. Moreover, with the increasing number of cases in Kenya, the Government has ordered everyone using matatus, tuktuk and bodabodas to use masks.


As announced, all passenger flights are suspended. Air France and Turkish Airlines are still being able to serve Madagascar via their weekly cargo flight. It has also been reported that Ethiopian Airlines is serving Madagascar with a mininum of 2 monthly cargo flights.


While the confinement has been extended, most of our staff are working from home – and all queries are being handled remotely. Both airport and seaport are still operational, but with a reduced productivity

UPS Express in Reunion is consigning export volumes to Paris onboard tonight’s Air Austral flight. The next shipments are expected on Saturday but we have been informed that the flight is already booked for medical purposes by the Government.


Yesterday, the Government has decided to extend the ongoing closure of public and private offices and all other non-essential services until April 11, 2020. Banks will remain open from 10:00 a.m to 01.30 p.m

Dhaka airport, Chittagong seaport and CFS’s remain operational but with a reduced workforce. Customs authorities are allowance clearance for export oriented materials / goods and emergency goods. Ready-made garments factories are now closed.

Supplementary Information

  • Canada: Canada & US border will be restricted to essential travel only. Both countries recognize the critical necessity to preserve the supply chains between the countries; hence, they have reiterated that supply chains will not be impacted by government measures.
  • Spain: The Spanish Government intensified the contingency measures in the country to control the COVID-19 spread. This means that only workers on essential activities can attend their place of work. The activities considered essential are linked to the health service, pharmaceutical, food and related industries.  The supply chain operators linked to these essential activities are allowed to travel to their place of work. All transport operators working in Spain require the shipper/consignee to sign a letter stating that they are a client within the essential activities defined by the Authorities.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.