April 07, 2020

As the impact of the Coronavirus continues to create instability within supply chains, Governments make significant interventions in response to the outbreak.

Global logistics service providers are being required to constantly adapt to the changing needs of customers while navigating through strenuous operational challenges

At Velogic, our worldwide offices are moving at unprecedented speed to serve our customers with excellence, while caring for our employees’ health and safety. The majority of our teams are now delivering customer experiences while working from home.

With economies now in lockdown, please find below a summary of how the situation is evolving in our territories and power trade lanes:


With the support of Air Mauritius, a first special air cargo flight is being arranged from China. The flight is expected to depart from Guangzhou on April 10, 2020.

While we are endeavouring in assisting customers to secure space onboard this flight, especially for health, medical, sanitary and we encourage importers to provide their shipments’ specifications to our team.  To ease the process, customers may download a copy of the “booking document” by clicking here.


France has yesterday witnessed the highest number of deceased since the spread of the virus in its territory, with 605 persons passing away yesterday only.

The Government continues to encourage and support the import of masks and there is now a reduction in the rate of duty for this commodity. In case of imports for donation purposes, customs duty is fully waived off. Velogic France is actively assisting customers by facilitating the import of millions of masks for the last three weeks. 

While the logistics situation remains “status quo”, our teams from the various offices in France are still working from home.


All major ports in India remain operational, but with limited resources. Many ports have however imposed Force Majeure, which implies that the ports will not be responsible for any claims, damages, charges, etc…

Most shipping lines have agreed to waive off detention charges accrued on containers during the lockdown period, i.e. until April 14, 2020.


Though no port closure is planned for the time being, there are delays, which vary between 24-48 hours because of extra control and reduced workforce.

Land borders with Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are open. However, there are additional controls due to the pandemic.


The curfew in Toamasina, Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa remains enforced from 20:00 to 05:00 daily.

The firm restrictions for port entry/stay are being maintained for both cargo and tanker oil ships – with vessels required to be compliant with the 14-days quarantine and stay at the anchorage outside harbour area before berthing.

Our offices in Madagascar are henceforth open from 08h00 to noon (Monday to Friday).


Velogic Reunion is still capable of delivering sea shipments and containers – to those customers which are open, especially in medical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff sectors. Warehouses are still operational to handle both LCL and FCL shipments.

The Government has enforced a temporary control on the imports by air into Reunion, as well as Mayotte. This control requires freight forwarders to send an email 96 hours prior to the shipment’s ETD mentioning the Airway Bill No., Flight No. & Date as well as details of the cargo in a priority order. Only commodities related to medical, health and foodstuff are being filtered for acceptance by the authorities and shipments of “general cargo” nature are not being allowed.

After the vetting process, Air France and/or Air Austral will proceed with the loading onboard their flights. As a reminder, Reunion is serviced with limited flights during this period, with approximately one flight per day.


The situation in Bangladesh remains unchanged.

Dhaka Airport, Chittagong port and CFS’s are operational with reduced workforces. Customs are allowing clearance for export oriented and emergency goods.

Supplementary Information

  • Hong Kong: The Shenzhen Municipal Government introduced a new requirement to strengthen the measures against the Coronavirus and further protect the health and safety of residents. Starting April 10, 2020, all cross-border goods vehicle drivers entering Shenzhen (SZX) via its ports will need to present the “I Shenzhen” health certification code.  Hong Kong government will continue to maintain close contact with the SZX authorities to ensure the normal operation of cross-boundary freight logistics.
  • Japan: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has signified his intention to declare a state of emergency, but the declaration will require to go through the advisory panel that is planned to review this week.  The declaration will empower local province authorities to instruct the public to stay at home and request the closure of schools and other facilities.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.