May 12, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic continues its spread across the world. As reported by the Johns Hopkins University, the number of global infection has exceeded four million persons, resulting in a heavier human tragedy in some geographies.

In such unprecedented times, the logistics industry continue to play an important role in supporting our healthcare system. 

While governments are deploying plans in response to the Coronavirus, as well as for easing their enforced lockdowns, our teams are adapting on a daily basis by staying mobilised to continue serving our customers with innovative and cost-efficient solutions during this exceptional period.

As we continue to closely monitor the situation, please find below the latest situation update in the various territories we are present and some power trade lanes:


The Government is rolling out a phased suspension of the lockdown, effective May 15, 2020. Digital Work Access Permits are being delivered which will be applicable during the period May 15, 2020 to June 01, 2020 whereby full economic activity will be resumed, with some exceptions.

Sea operations are being carried out without major disruption. Our team continues to customs clear and proceed with delivery of shipments, wherever possible. There is however a constant change on the airfreight side.

Special charters as well as adhoc flights are being operated. As far as import is concerned, the next available flight to CDG will be operated by Air Mauritius on May 16, 2020. Moreover, on May 18, 2020, we are expecting a chartered flight from JNB. This chartered flight will be flying back to JNB on May 18, 2020. On the same day, Air France has scheduled to operate flight AF645 to CDG, expected to depart at 08:05 pm.


The lockdown period ended yesterday. However, as a precautionary measure, many companies are maintaining the home-office practice. On the logistics side, ports, airports and customs offices have opened.

Velogic France is operating with a skeleton team at the airport office and remote teams are working from home.  Our customers are slowly resuming their activities and the volume demand is being monitored.

In addition, Velogic France is intensifying on the import of personal protective equipment from China, Madagascar, Bangladesh and Turkey.


The lockdown is maintained until May 17, 2020 and both domestic and international commercial flights remain suspended.

Our offices in India are operating with a reduced workforce and is being able to handle both export and import shipments – depending on the availability of spaces, subject to acceptance of applicable adhoc rates.

For more details on the situation in India, please click here.


Inter-country movement ban is still on, except for cargo transportation and where authorisation is given.  There is however an increase in cargo flights landing in Kenya and loading back fresh produce for export.  

Our team is actively handling inquiries for air shipments, especially from India since flights are operational and factories are partially opened.

We have observed a surge in the importation of facemasks and thermometers.


The Ambatovy project has suspended production in Tamatave and is presently locked down, coupled with a ban on both entry and exit from the site.

Moreover, based on enforced policies, the wearing of face masks is mandatory and any person not adhering to this policy will be subject to half day of community service.

In view of avoiding further spread, school closure has been extended, except for students in the examination class ((Terminal, 3rd, 7th).  

Both internal and international commercial flights remain suspended, with only Air France and Turkish Airlines operating their weekly cargo service.


Similar to France, the lockdown was suspended yesterday and many companies have resumed.

Based on information received, it has been reported that the connectivity for inbound volumes is still based on two arrivals per week, including import express courier shipments.

The UPS team is working on a shift system – with more staff at the office as and when required. The operations team is proceeding with more deliveries since many offices are now open, as compared to the lockdown period.


The lockdown will continue until May 16, 2020.

As per information received, while there are 10 vessels at berth for discharging and loading of containers, there are 20 container vessels which are still at outer anchorage. 

Although the waiting time at outer port is significantly higher than usual, a steady improvement has been observed over the last two weeks.

Supplementary Information

Turkey: All international passenger, including domestic flights remain suspended. Our agent is working on all inquiries considering freighter flights for both inbound and outbound volumes at IST and ISL airports. Turkish Airlines is operating all cargo flights from ISL airport until further notice.

Australia: Airfreight continues to be the biggest challenge in Australia for now. Rates are changing on a daily basis and services are booking out quickly. Courier services are also experiencing backlog and have enforced restrictions on package limits per customer.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.