April 13, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to have a growing impact on the global economy. Case growth has now reached 1,773,088 cases and 111,652 deaths as reported by the World Health Organisation today.

Even though some of the geographies have a handful of reported cases, others have a widespread transmission of hundreds of thousands. Europe in itself represents 51% of the global confirmed cases.

While countries are making all efforts to contain this human tragedy, we continue to report on the situations in our various territories and some power trade lanes:


As per the Prime Minister’s address last Friday, the lockdown period has been extended until May 04, 2020. 

With flight suspensions heavily impacting the local supply of goods, our team is elaborating various options to trigger a recovery plan during the confinement period. Different possibilities are being worked on so that we can contribute to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the Mauritian supply chain. 

The various programmed flights for Mauritius-Beijing-Mauritius by Air Mauritius are still scheduled and the inbound flights will be operating on April, 15 & 16, 2020. The Guangzhou-Mauritius flight is scheduled on April 18, 2020 while the Hong-Kong-Mauritius one is for April 21, 2020.

All Rodrigues flights remain cancelled until May 04, 2020.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that customers share the shipments details urgently as the space allocation shall be on a first come, first served basis – especially for orders from Europe.


The French President will be addressing the population tonight and the various Government decisions will be announced, including the possibility of a lockdown period extension. Our tomorrow’s update will feature more insights from the presidential address.

As at now, airports, seaports and customs are operational with a reduced workforce. Though the Easter week-end, our team continue to take great care of our customers and have proceeded with the customs clearance & delivery of life-saving shipments of protective masks which were imported via our own network since yesterday.


The lockdown has been extended up to April 30, 2020 in states like Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal. The extension is much more likely to have further impact on the existing challenges on supply chain activities, irrespective of notification released by Government on transportation. 

The Prime Minister will be addressing the population tomorrow at 10:00 a.m (IST) to clarify on situation.

It is to be noted that our team is also involved in the handling of humanitarian shipments.


With Kenya Ports Authority reducing the workforce to two shifts, the discharging of vessels is being delayed. Coupled with the dusk to dawn curfew, the lead time from arrival to delivery of consignments is being negatively impacted.

The Health Cabinet Secretary announced 11 more cases of Coronavirus disease in the last 24 hours as one more person died and 15 people recovered from the disease.


With today being public holiday, offices remain closed in Madagascar. The various provinces remain locked down as the number of cases has reached 106, out of which 14 are reported to have been recovered.


Our UPS Express team is handling restricted volumes at import and there is presently no visible possibility to import shipments by express courier from France. There are limited flights from Charles de Gaulle, resulting in limited airfreight capacity. All inbound shipments are presently on hold in the UPS Cologne hub. While in wait of the President’s address this evening, there is a probability that the lockdown period may be extended – resulting in a more severe situation of the express courier operations for the coming weeks. 

In such situations, our team in Reunion is also looking into the possibility to have a chartered air freight solution and all customers will be advised accordingly.


The Government has announced a third extension of the ongoing closure of all public and private offices until April 25, 2020, thereby completing one month of general confinement. On the other side, the passenger flight suspension (for both international and domestic) is being maintained until April 30, 2020, except for the presently operated ones to and from China.

Some airlines are operating cargo freighters on an irregular schedule.

As far as ocean freight is concerned, Chittagong port’s productivity is highly impacted due to a shortage of workers. Additionally, the high yard inventory due to less container gating out of the terminal is delaying vessel operations. With Ramadhan nearing, the situation will be impacted further. The Port Authorities have moreover decided to limit berth allocation to a maximum of 2 vessels per day, resulting in many vessels at outer anchorage. There are presently more than 20 container vessels on wait for berthing.

CFS’s are operational until 06:00 p.m daily – with a reduced workforce, while customs are allowing clearance of export oriented and emergency goods.

Supplementary Information:

  • Germany: The country has partially closed its borders with France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and Denmark. Nevertheless, Germany is in close contact with neighbouring European countries to ensure unhindered cross-border freight traffic especially for the transport of foods and consumer goods.