April 14, 2020

The inevitable declines in trade and output resulting from the global pandemic continue to have painful consequences on households and businesses, on top of being the human tragedy costing lives. 

In addition, the outbreak generated both demand and supply disruptions across the global economy.

While the immediate goal of all our team members are to contribute in bringing the outbreak under control and mitigating the supply chain damages, we are planning for the aftermath of the pandemic, with possible recovery measures.

In the same perspective, as we continue to identify supply chain risks and actively managing them on behalf of our customers, please find below an overview of the situation in our various territories and some power trade lanes:


Following the lockdown extension until May 04, 2020, the national carrier Air Mauritius has announced that all its international passenger flights remain suspended until May 15, 2020, while the flights to Rodrigues remain suspended until May 04, 2020.

Air Mauritius will only operate cargo flights on selected trade routes as elaborated in yesterday’s update.

As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended that customers share the shipments details urgently as the space allocation shall be on a first come, first served basis – especially for orders from Europe.


The lockdown in France has been extended until May 11, 2020.

While the logistics situation remains “status quo”, it has also been reported that the government has decided that signatures are no longer required for B2C deliveries until further notice.


The Prime Minister has confirmed that the national lockdown will be extended until May 03, 2020.

Based on this announcement, the Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a circular today to confirm that all scheduled international commercial passenger services shall remain closed until May 03, 2020. The circular also notifies that this restriction will not apply to international cargo operations and flights, specifically approved by the DGCA


Though cargo flights are operating, there is a serious handling capacity reduction due to shortage of workforce.

The port operations are under strict control while ships from China remain restricted.

It has further been reported that trucks with number plates from DRC and Rwanda are not allowed to go through border control while trucks to South Sudan are allowed. 

Since the returning trucks crew requiring self-isolation, there is presently backlog on existing movements.


While all commercial borders are still open to cargo movements, only Air France and Turkish airlines cargo flights are operational – with an unreliable schedule.

Ships are subjected to health checks and possible quarantine. With the present sea routes reviews, some vessels which used to call Port Louis after Madagascar are no more sailing as usual and therefore, omitting Mauritius.

Moreover, many freezone factories are closed due to Europe and US buyers suspending present orders. Our team members in our various offices continue to work part-time, with reduced personnel.


The situation in Bangladesh remains “status quo” – with the series of measures announced yesterday.

The lockdown is maintained until April 25, 2020.

Supplementary Information:

  • Turkey: All international passenger flights remain suspended. Our agent continues to work on all inquiries considering freighter flights both outbound and inbound IST and ISL airports. With domestic passenger flights suspended as well, only road feeder service is available from/to major city airports. Though EU borders are operating normally, there might be delays due to increased sanitary controls.