April 15, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic keeps confronting every economy with unprecedented challenges, with governments enforcing sanitary lockdowns in most countries, resulting in a growing global impact on supply chains.

While this self-quarantine method is proving to slow down the progression of the outbreak, it is drastically lessening economic activity. A report titled “The Great Lockdown” published by the International Monetary Fund yesterday estimated a global growth projection of -3.0% in 2020 – this will imply that the extent to supply chain disruptions could be more phenomenal.

As we take all precautionary measures to safeguard the wellbeing of all our collaborators, please find below the main highlights in our territories and some power trade lanes:


As part of our containment and recovery plan, we continue to assist customers as regards to their imports, primarily from China and potentially from Europe.

On the sea freight side, it has been reported that the port terminal operations have resumed to three shifts, hence operating on a 24/7 basis.

Due to the limited flights and space availability, as well as the guidelines set by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Prime Minister’s Office, the priority of the special cargo flights is for the onboarding of PPE’s primarily.

As per above, the flight is accepting cargo of pharmaceutical, medical, sanitary and health related commodities only.


The various restrictive measures announced by the French government keep affecting the supply chain situation, while all our collaborators are working from home.

Moreover, it has been shared that the customs authorities are being more flexible as regards to the conditions for acceptance of proof of origins, while digital copies are being considered as well (EUR.1, A.TR, FORM A) until further notice. However, this relaxation for the purpose of easing trade is not generalised.


As announced yesterday, The Prime Minister of India has declared an extension of the lockdown till May 03, 2020 – an additional 19 days from the initial 21 days. The lockdown measures will continue in the same vein till April 20, 2020 after which some states are expected to extended relaxations, depending upon the spread and severity of COVID-19 cases.

In the meantime, several additional measures have been announced for ensuring minimal impact on the logistics industry and you may visit www.velogic.net/covid19 to read more on the detailed precautions and restrictions.


The Kenya Ports Authority is still maintaining two shifts only, causing much disruptions to the terminal operations.

The discharge delays, coupled with the dusk to dawn curfew is resulting in much more extra time for the deliveries of containers.


The Government has suspended all exports of drugs and other health products temporarily.

Cargo can be moved via the Air France and Turkish Airlines – which are still operating cargo flights with an irregular schedule.


While the number of coronavirus infections in Bangladesh has surged to 1231 after 219 positive cases were detected in the last 24 hours, there have been no major changes on the logistics & transport side. 

Supplementary Information:

  • New Zealand: The Government lockdown is seeing the ports of Lyttelton, Tauranga and Auckland Metroport getting congested with too many containers being stored. Essential containers are given priority for rail transfer to Metroport, whilst other non-essential containers will be railed as and when capacity is available.
  • Japan: Due to the emergency measures, the Ports in Tokyo are anticipating a shortage of labour force and lower level of operation activities. Hapag Lloyd closed all offices and counters on April 09, 2020 upon the Emergency declaration.