March 17, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading so rampantly globally with more confirmed cases of infections day by day. At Velogic, while we are endeavouring in supporting our various offices, appropriate response plans are being initiated – with emphasis on our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

With an aim of ascertaining the continuity of our operations, we have adopted various practices to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus situation on our customers’ supply chains. Part of our global network have already implemented work-from home arrangements to limit the risks of contamination.

As the situation is evolving, please see below the major service updates:


Further to the Prime Minister’s press conference, Air Mauritius and Emirates Airlines are maintaining an unchanged flight days. However, as from March 29, 2020, Air France has announced changes with a reduction of 3 flights per week – i.e. on Day 3, 5 and 7 only.

British Airways flights will also be reduced to 3 flights per week as from March 29, 2020 – operating on Day 2, 5 and 7.

With all Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to USA being full, rates are being applied on a case-to-case basis, depending on booking.


As at now, ports and airports are still operating, though with reduced activities due to the bans from various airlines. However, many factories have shut down their operations. All non-essential businesses remain close.

In view of avoiding risks of contamination, all our staff in France are working from home, while being reachable via both email and phone. The situation is being closely monitored while service continuity is being maintained.

Moreover, following the President’s announcement yesterday regarding restrictions on people’s movement,  MSC France has notified about the closure of its metropolitan agencies until further notice, with work-from-home being introduced as well.


With many airlines suspending their flights, or planning to, the acceptance of cargo will be only as per carrier’s availability. Such space constraints will result in premium freight rates being applied by carriers.

Moreover, effective March 18, 2020, our offices’ opening hours are as follows: Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 16:00 and Saturday: 08:30 to noon.


All airlines serving Madagascar via international flights are landing at the international airport in Ivato (TNR) from March 15, 2020.  There is no flight to Nosy Be (NOS) since March 15, 2020 and this until April 14, 2020.


Following yesterday’s announcement by the French President Emmanuel Macron, our agencies in Reunion Island are closing down until further notice. Our team members have started working from home and remain available via phone and email.

As per information received, Air Austral will continue to fly to Paris, Mayotte and Comores daily. They are also continuing their flights to Mauritius and Madagascar with one flight daily until the March 19, 2020 and hence, can still load our express volumes on these flights.

Supplementary Information

  • It has been reported by our partners in Hong Kong that as Covid-19 is spreading globally, they have already started to experience fluctuations in air freight rates and pressure on capacity by limited passenger flights.
  • Whilst a State of Alarm has been declared in Spain since last Saturday, for 15 days, ports, airports  and customs are working normally at both export and import. However, most offices are working with a skeleton staff, while incorporating work-from-home.
  • All operations at UK ports are still ongoing. But due to blank sailing from the Far East during February and beginning of March, there is a lack of equipment. On the air freight side, major carriers from UK are expected to cancel 80% of their flights worldwide by end of this week.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.