April 17, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic brings the world to further standstill, with unparalleled impact on countries and our livelihood.

Following the International Monetary Fund’s report released earlier this week on “The Great Lockdown”, forecasting the shrinking of the global economy in 2020, the Economist Intelligence Unit, research and analysis division of The Economist Group added that consumer demand is unlikely to bounce back to pre-crisis levels immediately when social distancing is lifted and businesses are allowed to re-open. 

In addition, the EIU iterated that supply chains may still be disrupted as countries lift restrictions at different times, creating bottleneck.

While considering all these possibilities, many of our territories are already deploying recovery plans, prior to the restrictions being suspended. 

Please find below an overview of the general situation in our territories:


Following the deployment of resources to proceed with distribution of essential products during the complete lockdown, our express courier team are still having resources to ensure that last mile local deliveries are accomplished.

For any specific request concerning local delivery projects, you may wish to link up directly with Thierry Bosquet by email at [email protected] .

On the air freight side, while a solution has been proposed to our customers today for the pending Europe shipments, we are now working on the possibility to sort out trade on the DXB, BOM and JNB trade routes.

As a matter of limited spaces on these flights, we shall appreciate that shipments details are continuously sent in our online form so that reservations are confirmed soonest possible.


Due to congestion in storage areas as a result of supply chain disruptions, the Directorate General of Customs (DGDDI) has taken some temporary decisions, namely economic operators with “Installations de Stockage Temporaire” (IST) can keep goods already released for consumption and awaiting delivery. Moreover, the maximum storage days in the IST zone has increased from 90 to 120 days for goods under customs control.

Furthermore, AEO operators are temporarily allowed to store shipments under the ED regime (Entrepôt Douanier) in areas not initially dedicated for same, provided that the customs authorities are informed beforehand proper records regarding the stored shipments are maintained.

This facility may also be extended to non-AEO operators upon application.


As announced by the Prime Minister, the national lockdown is maintained until May 03, 2020.

For a detailed situation update on India, please click here.


The lockdown of Nairobi & Mombasa counties gradually increases our trucking time, as trucks have to stop at all roadblocks – with the trucking documents perused by officials prior to the driver authorized to pursue further.

Inter county and upcountry movement of personnel and trucks have caused some administrative challenges, but our team has been successful in ensuring that our trucks keep on moving with our customers’ shipments.

Empty container depots continue to close by 03:30 pm, adversely affecting our ability to offload/load empty containers.


Following discussions with the Ministry of Health, it has been reported that the restriction on exports should normally not include textile masks.

Our team is awaiting the formal notice from the government officials so that we can trigger the export of the masks being manufactured locally in Madagascar by freezone companies.


The President of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has declared yesterday that they will try to open factories on April 26, 2020, after considering the outbreak’s situation. 

Moreover, following an emergency meeting held yesterday at the Chittagong with all stakeholders, matters regarding the quick delivery of containers were discussed, which will help overcome the congestion at port. It has also been reported that if importers do not take delivery of containers during the closure period, Chittagong port will not be operational next week due to container congestion – with a risk of economic collapse.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.