March 19, 2020

The outbreak of the Covid-19 is immensely interrupting supply chains globally. After nearly three months since‌ the initial detection in China, Mauritius has now been hit with 3 cases – as announced by the Prime Minister yesterday evening. The effects of the virus on public health and the economy is now increasingly being felt within our global network.

As the situations continues to evolve, we bring you the latest updates for the day:


Since the announcement of the first 3 cases of Coronavirus in Mauritius, Air Mauritius has proceeded with several flight cancellations up to April 30, 2020 in the majority of destinations. Due to the evolving nature of the situation, these updates are called to change without prior notice and we recommend that the latest flight arrangements are monitored at

We have also noted a series of cancellation from Air Austral, Condor and Air Madagascar, amongst others and it will be highly advisable that you reach out to your local Velogic contact prior to booking any shipment.

At sea port level, there is normal operations, though inbound vessels are being monitored – but no issue found so far. However, we have started experiencing some delays in approval of certain permits since the concerned Ministries have started introducing some further protocols for certain goods. The Mauritius Revenue Authority is operating on a business-as-usual mode so far as regards to customs clearance of shipments.

While our offices are still running smoothly, in case of any potential lockdown of the country, the corresponding business continuity plan will be implemented, including work-from-home wherever possible.


As a matter of the restrictions being applied on passenger flights, most of our traders are now preferring to consign via sea freight as regards to air freight.


The Government has announced today that it will not allow any commercial passenger flights to land in India as from March 22, 2020 for a period of a week.


While the situation is being monitored, our teams trying to secure space in view of moving maximum shipments by air freight.


As we witness volumes decreasing, our express operations are still ongoing with deliveries and pickups. Since the port is working, vessels are operating on a normal mode. Most of the shipments loaded at origins are being customs cleared and delivered.


With the growing threat of the Covid-19 propagation, Air Mauritius has opted to suspend all its flight to Madagascar until April 30, 2020.

Supplementary Information

  • Belgium – Though our agent has committed to continue providing service, due to limited capacity of staff as well as social distancing, some tasks can be timed longer than usual.

Please do not hesitate to liaise with your usual contact person at Velogic, should you have any queries regarding this announcement.