Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Velogic culture. We strive to give back to the community at international, national and local level. We pledge a significant share of our annual CSR contribution to the Rogers Foundation, which works closely with Mauritian NGOs involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS at national level.

Velogic is also sensitive to the needs and aspirations of its immediate community. Another area of focus of our CSR programme is hence to contribute to civic actions in the Roche Bois region, which is located in the immediate vicinity of our headquarters in the Mauritius Freeport Zone. In line with our corporate philosophy, the ultimate objective of our CSR action is «To educate with a commitment for sustainability».

Velogic has set up a committee in order to drive and manage our CSR initiatives efficiently. Its objective is not only to help the needy people living in the vicinity, but also to encourage employee participation in our CSR activities.

The Velogic CSR Committee partners with Mauritian NGOs working with the youth in the region of intervention to enable positive, meaningful and sustainable change. These NGOs are specialised in their respective fields and are also well-acquainted with the daily realities and needs of the Roche Bois region.

We practise our commitment as responsible corporate citizens through a three-pronged approach:

Through the “Fondation pour la Formation au Football”, Velogic currently contributes to the funding of three football schools in the Roche Bois region. This initiative provides some 200 children with the opportunity to show off their football skills.

Sukpak, a Velogic subsidiary, provides tutorial support to students from the neighbourhood. We contribute to the purchase of school books through the Roche Bois branch of the NGO, Caritas and support the tertiary studies of a young inhabitant of Roche Bois. Velogic further helped in the setting up of a theatre school by the “Mouvement pour le Progrès de Roche Bois” (MPRB).

Several interactive theatre-type sessions on HIV/AIDS were organised in collaboration with the “Comédie Mauricienne” theatre troupe in July 2010 to sensitise the parents of pupils attending primary schools situated in the neighbourhood. We also donated a modified container to the Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT) NGO, which provides a range of services to drug users in the Tombeau Bay and Roche Bois region with the aim of reducing the harm associated with drug use. Another modified container was offered by Velogic to the Mouvement d’Aide à la Maternité (MAM), which provides assistance and guidance to single mothers and their children and runs an early pregnancy prevention programme.