The logistic sector of Rogers takes a new direction.

Following the departure of Ian Claxton, Vishal Nunkoohas been appointed new Chief Executive Officer since the 1st of July 2011. With the collaboration of his Management team, he is now gearing the new orientation of Velogic, which is to extend its global reach. This will be achieved by operating on a regional structure in order to allow for greater synergies within regions. A Shared Service approach of the Finance function, headed by the newly appointed Chief Finance Officer,Naveen Sangeelee since the 1st of May, will also help to achieve further regional ambitions.This shift in focus at Velogic stems from the need to be more oriented towards regional and international business development. Indeed, the company is positioning itself to become an even bigger regional player. This new orientation brings along several changes, mainly in the responsibilities of the former Country Managers. They will now occupy Regional portfolios and their respective job titles have been changed accordingly. André deComarmond, appointed Regional Manager – Indian Ocean, will oversee the activities in Mauritius,Reunion, Madagascar and Mozambique; Gilles Kaba is the Regional Manager – Europe and Nawaz Gobindram is now Regional Manager for the Indian subcontinent.

Along with overseeing an enlarged geographical territory, the various actors are also expected to broaden the scope of their respective activities.This, says Vishal Nunkoo “will allow Regional Managers to have a bigger perspective for development instead of only fighting hard to gain market share in a limited and slow growing territory, particularly in our traditional markets like France and Mauritius,where the GDP growth and goods movements are far from being the highest. They will also have the responsibility of identifying new opportunities and working out synergies within our network to enhance the competitive advantage of Velogic.”

Other appointments have led to a few changes in the organisational structure. Denis Hung is now Chief Processes & Systems Officer and also Country Manager for Mauritius (Freight Forwarding,CBS and land side activities). Vincent Pilot is the Chief Marketing Officer and Bertrand Abrahamis appointed Chief Human Resources Officer. As for Vivian Olivier and Sylvain Lavénérable, they remain Managers of Ship Agency Services and Sukpak Ltd respectively.The Finance function has undergone major changes with three newly defined functional areas :Financial Management, Financial Accounting and Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis. These positions will be held respectively by Vincent Avrillon, Yusuf Peeraullee and Ruben Rangasamy and they will report directly to the Chief Finance Officer,Naveen Sangeelee. This Shared Service aims at operating as an integrated platform within the group with a view to create a greater synergy among the different business units and outstations.With the creation of a one-stop shop and the international expansion, there is a need for rationalisation in the accounting processes across all entities.Re-engineering the reporting process is also seen as a means to improve reliability and timeliness.Hence, the finance support of the outstations will develop a reporting line which will be accountable to Yusuf Peeraullee for Financial Accounting matters,and will work closely with the other Finance Functions.Enhancing procedures and processes in key areas such as Accounts Receivable, Working Capital Management will help improve financial control.

Article updated on 01/03/2017