People of Velogic

Gino Labutte

Football keeps me fit. I have been playing this sport since I was young, and it has driven me to the first division at national level. For me, sportsmanship means team spirit.

Yashnah Bausram

I pour my creativity into painting. By sheer perseverance, I have acquired new techniques and improved my skills. As a result, my paintings are pretty good.

David Tin

I am passionate about plants. They fascinate me, inspire me, soothe me... I like to admire them, smell their fragrance, touch them, and above all, take care of them.

Laura Sangeeleemootoo

I had no idea I was such a good cook... until I found myself among the five finalists in the national culinary competition ‘Le Chef’. A life-changing experience that also helps me at work.

Megnatsingh Canaye

My passion for martial arts dates from the 90's when I mastered the Tae-Kwon-Do. Martial arts have inspired me to cultivate self discipline.

Sonia Ghumaria

I have yoga to thank for my good mental health. Yoga has taught me how to harmonise my soul and my body, which is also why ayurvedic medicine appeals to me so much.