Velogic’s business model is based on a diversified portfolio of activities that create
value for its customers and its internal and external stakeholders. In order to carry out
these activities, Velogic relies on different types of capitals that it seeks to leverage:

  • Financial capital: Investors and profits provide the Company with the
    financial resources to run and expand its operations;
  • Intellectual capital: With more than 50 years of experience in the
    transportation and logistics industry, Velogic has developed a strong
    intellectual capital base on which to grow its business;
  • Human capital: Highly skilled employees in Mauritian headquarters
    and 6 countries of operation;
  • Social capital: Velogic’s partners are key resources that allow the
    Company to operate with a high quality of service; and
  • Natural capital: Velogic recognizes that its business is a consumer of
    natural resources. It uses mainly fossil fuels for the transportation of
    goods and uses space to install its storage sheds.

With the above in mind, Velogic recognizes that its activities have
impacts on the different aforementioned types of capital:

  • Velogic’s financial results allow it to reward its shareholders and reinvest in its
    business, so that it can continue to improve its offering for its customers;
  • Velogic places a high priority on training its employees to increase their skill
    level and employability, believing that its success will be achieved through the
    commitment of a team of talented and knowledgeable employees; and
  • Velogic serves a growing number of customers, transporting approximately
    12,500 TEUs Maritime Shipments and 10,000 Tons Air Shipments per year.

Finally, Velogic is working to progressively reduce the negative
impacts of its activity on the environment and the health of all
stakeholders. It believes that its main impact is on the release of
greenhouse gases into the air. Velogic is addressing this issue in
several ways as detailed in our Engagement Section.

Our Engagement

Sustainability &
Inclusiveness Charter

Velogic considers that the environmental and social issues
related to its activities require the establishment of a dedicated
governance structure to ensure appropriate compliance to set
standards and adherence to internal controls.

Going forward, Velogic intends to continue its environmental, social and governance efforts. Among the priorities for the coming years, the following can be highlighted:

  • the continuation of the actions presented in the S & I Charter
  • the reinforcement of Velogic’s actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its activities; and
  • the strengthening of the Company’s network of environmental and social champions in all its locations.