The Employee Journey

At Velogic, every interaction, every moment
that employees have with our brand
influences their decision to stay with us…

Employees begin forming perceptions of the workplace from day one. This is why, we are actively
engaged in:

•   Helping new employees feel welcome
•   Helping employees get access to resources
•   Communicating expectations clearly
•   Introducing new employees to other team members

The everyday 9-to-5 marathon can wear on employees. This is why, at Velogic, we prevent this from happening by peppering in some different
opportunities. In Mauritius, our teams have the opportunity of having gym sessions and this helps them in keeping the energy level high.

Our employees are much more
than their accomplishments
at work

We take every opportunity to celebrate our employees and teammates
and their accomplishments outside of work.

As an equal opportunity employer, we prioritize diversity, inclusion, and
equity and we care to promote a sense of belonging among employees
and supporting business objectives.

The People
of Velogic